Quarter 4 Week 9 May 21- May 28 Make ups


I can’t believe we finally got to the end of this school year. This last quarter has been different to say the least, but I’m glad we made it through, and now we can look forward to enjoying the summer, even though that may still represent to adjust and make a few changes along the way. Next week, it will be mostly dedicated to submitting all the assignments that you have not had the chance to submit as of now. If you have completed all that was assigned, then you are finished for the year in my class. Yay!


I also wanted to let you know that very I’m so proud I was given the opportunity to be your Spanish teacher this school year. I’ve watched all of you grow in the language (and physically as well). We have worked so hard together to get you at the level in the language you have reached, and I know you are prepared for success in the language for the next level. I remember having goosebumps when I saw your last few presentations and the skits you wrote with partners in the class. I also remember feeling beyond proud when I could hear how well some of you can now speak in Spanish!


It feels surreal of how fast time has gone this year, but especially this past quarter. Our year (and learning) was interrupted but I can assure you that you will always have a special place within my heart.  I am wishing you all an amazing summer, and I am hoping you will stop by and visit in the fall to say hi heart