It is Foster Angel Adoption time again! I am happy to take on this amazing and humbling community project once again this year.


Deadline for delivery to any of the Safe Children Coalition location this year is Friday Dec. 13th. The Deadline for delivery to my class is Monday Dec 9th.


Did you know that over 1400 children in Sarasota, Manatee, and Desoto counties are not able to remain safely in their homes and need your help? These most vulnerable children may not have toys under the tree during the giving season without the help of this program. Every holiday season the YMCA Foster Angel program relies on the generosity of members of our community to help us make the holiday season special for these vulnerable children.


This year, I hope we can break our all-time record of the last three seasons when over 100 Foster children were adopted by PV staff and classes.


For the new faculty or staff who may not know yet, this is a school wide project in which we work with the Sarasota Safe Children Coalition who provide us with the names and wish lists of children in foster care.


Classes, individual teachers, or staff adopt a child/children and purchase holiday presents for him/her based on the wish list received from the child.  Total suggested expenditures for each child is approximately $100.00 per child.


Please consider adopting one or more children as a class!  Simply email me and let me know how many foster children you would like to “adopt.” I will be providing names and wish lists when I have an approximate number of kids that will be adopted from our school (hopefully before the end of this week).


It is important to remember that gifts should not be wrapped. They should be placed in a heavy duty large black plastic bag, with the child’s information inside the bags! Bags may be brought to my room (#303). This year the Safe Children Coalition does not have a contract with the YMCA, therefore you would be able to either drop them off directly to the location of the Coalition that is most convenient to you (I’ll send you details later) or you could send the gifts inside the bags directly to my class by Monday, December 9th.


Thank you so much for your consideration to participate in this event. It not only brings joy to the foster children, but the experience teaching compassion for the less fortunate to our students as well as of giving among them is enlightening and uplifting! Make a difference in a child’s life this holiday season and be a Foster Angel sponsor. This is a great opportunity to make a real difference one child at a time.




Judit Pauling, M.A.

Pine View School

Spanish II and M/J Advanced Spanish

Foster Angel Sponsor

World Language Department Co-Chair